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Who I Am and How I Got Started
A Little History


Hello and welcome to my web site. I hope that you find some very useful information within these pages. Now let me introduce myself.

My name is Beth O'Connor, and I am a mom, wife, work a full time job at the Autism Society of North Carolina and I am an Independent Party Consultant for 1-800-PARTYSHop.

I have been a consultant for 1-800-PARTYSHop for a month now, but before becoming involved with this wonderful organization, I spend many hours studying the companies web site, the catalog and joining in on many Monday night chat sessions, getting to know the products and the other consultants. After many months of consideration, I decided that I was really excited about this company and the products that they offered.

Parties in a Box is a relatively new idea. There are other companies on the internet that offer the same type of product, so why did I choose 1-800-PARTYSHop? Because they really care about their consultants, their customers and the quality of their products.

Another reason that I became a consultant is because I see the need for this type of product. As a mom, a boss, a grandmother, an aunt, an uncle, a dad, you know how difficult it can be to plan a successful party. Whether that party be for your child, an associate, a friend, etc. Not only do you have to pick a theme, but than you have to run store to store to find all the coordinating items to go with that theme. How do you schedule that into your daily routine?

If your day is anything like mine, it is very hard to do. So, I became very excited about 1-800-PARTYSHop. Now all I have to do, is look through the 76 page, colored catalog; decide what theme I want to purchase; pick up the phone and order. My Party In A Box is delivered to my door in 3 to 5 working days.

I have decided that not only do I want to offer this catalog and the wonderful merchandise to you, but I want to offer you ideas for games, food, goody (loot) bags, decorations, cake ideas, etc. I want to help you make your party, the most special event of the year.

To learn more about our merchandise; look at the Parties In A Box; learn about becoming a consultant; visit some very helpful links and message boards, please visit the other pages of this site (links are below). Have fun - and Party On!

I also send out a monthly "mini" newsletter. If you would like to receive this newsletter, please join my list.

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Contact Information:
Beth O'Connor
Independent Party Consultant ID #4118
Phone: (919) 848-5955
Fax: (919) 845-0713

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