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This letter is setup as a merge letter - it merges with information in a MS Access database that I have setup. If you need assistance with databases - please let me know. Otherwise, just modify the text as you need it!

«FirstName» «LastName»
«City», «StateOrProvince» «PostalCode»

Dear «Dear»:

The Closing is near; a house-warming gift would be great! You need something quick, you need something now! Pick up the phone and order a party! What better gift could you give your clients than a party to celebrate their new home?

As an independent consultant with 1-800-PartyShop, I can offer you a catalog with over 80 Theme Parties in a Box. I'm sure 1-800-PartyShop can meet all your party needs! Each Theme Box consists of everything you need to put on a party….plates, napkins, utensils, tablecloth, invitations, balloons, crepe paper and curling ribbon.

With our 800 number and beautiful 76 page full-color catalog, you're only a phone call away from ordering a party for your clients, which will be delivered right to their new home! It can't get much easier than that! You can purchase your parties at retail cost or you can become a Preferred Customer and get a 10-45% discount (depending on the items purchased) each time your order.

If you like to party, attend events or spice up your monthly luncheons, or if your customers like to party, then this is a MUST HAVE catalog!

We also carry related gifts, party favors, costumes and a full party line! Parties aren't just for kids! Let me help you throw your next party! Give me a call at (919) 848-5955 and I'll mail you a catalog or drop it off personally! If you're online, check out the company webpage at and email me at


Beth O'Connor