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I usually have this broken down into columns - with two of the same documents on one page. This way you can save paper and have two copies per page. If you need formatting help with this, please email me and I will send you the document!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

The 1800PartyShop Party

1. Open Catalog
2. Pick your theme
3. Call 1800PARTYSHop (1-800-727-8974)
4. Order the Theme of your choice along with goodie bags and gifts. Tell the friendly operator the Consultant ID # is 4118
5. Party is shipped from 1-800 PARTYSHop in a day or two
6. Sit back and relax until the day of the party!

The Discount Store Party

1. Buckle children in car seats
2. Drive to discount store
3. Circle parking lot 4 times looking for a parking place
4. Change one diaper
5. Lose one child in Toy section
6. Finally find the theme you want but they don't have enough cups or plates
7. Wait in long check out line
8. Put candy bars back on rack at check out line
9. Placate crying children who want candy
10. Drive to next store looking for cups and plates
11. Repeat above steps.
12. Drive home.
13. OH NO!! You forgot to buy party favors.
14. Go back to step one!

How would you rather shop for your next party???
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Beth O'Connor at 919-848-5955
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