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This letter is setup as a merge letter - it merges with information in a MS Access database that I have setup. If you need assistance with databases - please let me know. Otherwise, just modify the text as you need it!

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Add a new profit center to your business with NO inventory, NO overhead and NO need of additional space!

Introducing 1800PartyShop! A one stop party shop with everything your customer needs to plan the perfect party or celebration!

1800PartyShop is a new company with a great idea. We have over 50 themes for birthdays and holidays and everything in between! And our warehouse has over 4000 items in stock available for next day shipment!

With our beautiful 76 page color catalog, your customer can find the party and all the accessories to meet their needs, place the order directly through our company, and have the party delivered to their door! And you will get the commission!

No inventory, no deliveries, just a new way to add income to your existing business.

Send me the enclosed notecard today to request your free catalog, and find out how you can add PartyShop's line to your current business! I look forward to hearing from you!

Beth O'Connor
Independent 1800PartyShop Consultant