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1-800-PartyShop Monday Night - July 5th - Conference Call


This is just a brief (very brief) overview of the call on Monday night for those of you who didn't make it. I will try and do this every Monday night, but if I miss a call - would someone volunteer to take notes and send them to me? I would greatly appreciate it.


What was discussed?

Quickstart Kits ~ July Specials for Consultants ~ Invitation Quickstart Kit ~ Retail Store Link

Quickstart Kits ~ We now have the option when ordering Quickstart Kits to choose the flipchart or supplements. There is a new form for ordering Quickstart Kits on the webpage and you will see a space where you can check for the flipchart or the supplements.

July Consultant Specials ~ For every consultant that signs up three new consultants or $300 in Personal Sales volume they get Supplements. The numbers weren't mentioned on the call - but I am sure that they are on the webpage somewhere.

Invitation Quickstart Kits ~ This was the main topic of the phone call. The Invitation Quickstart Kit comes with the following: 4 TBIP of your choice, 50 catalogs, 100 recruiting brochures (the new ones), your choice of the flipchart or supplements, 10 - 20 minute Invitation Phone Call cards (for the Thursday night call), 10 gift certificates for 10% a customer's first retail purchase and than your choice of 100 free catalogs ($21.50 shipping only). The cost of this kit is $464 - Consultants pay $245 - this is a SAVINGS of $219.

Retail Store Link ~ The corporate office is currently working on getting us a Retail Store Link set up on the webpage. This would be a great way to get retail stores to look at us - and get the information that they need. No time mention was made on this! But at least we know its coming.

Well, thats about it, if I missed anything - please let me know and I will add it to this. Again, if someone can volunteer to take notes also on each call, I would appreciate it. And if anyone makes the training calls at 2pm and wants to volunteer to take notes and send them on to me I will make sure to get them up on the PartyStars Reference page also.