Beth O'Connor's Resume
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Computer and Software Skills

IBM Software: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, PowerPoint, Windows 95, Windows 98, Mass 11, OfficeWriter, dbase III+, Lotus 1,2,3, NECS Software, MicroHud - MicroRent, MicroHud 2000, My Software (brochure program).

MacIntosh Software: MacDraw I through MacDraw Pro, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, PowerPoint, SuperPaint, MacPaint, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Illustrator, Hypercard, FullPaint, Canvas, dBase III, Ready Set Go, Quark Xpress and Multi-Ad Creator.

Work Experience

October 1994 - Present - Administrative Assistant and Group Home Managing Agent. I am primarily responsible for ensuring all HUD regulations are followed by the Local Operating Units; distribution and preparation of all Resident paperwork; work closely with the LOU's; process all bills for each home (currently we have 18), monitor the 5 bank accounts per home, approve major purchases of appliances and major repairs. I also process all CAP billing for this organization, currently we have over 65 clients. I assist in the planning of our annual golf tournament; handling all administrative responsbilities. I also provide general adminsitrative support to all staff as requested. This includes preparation of documents, creation of spreadsheets and databases.

September 1994 - October 1994 - Select Temporary Service - Rust Environment & Infrastructure. Performed general adminsitrative office tasks.

July 1994 - September 1994 - Maternity Leave

January 1994 - July 1994 - Kelly Temporary Service

Bill Clarke Construction - Designed spreadsheets in Lotus for various functions of the construction business. Trained staff on use of these spreadsheets.

Winn-Dixie - Prepared newspaper advertisements; flyers; and purchasing packages.

December 1992 - January 1994 - Various small business in a beach town.

January 1989 - December 1992 - The MITRE Corporation. I provided primary computer graphics and administrative support to a department of over 50 personnel. I also provided training to management, technical staff and support staff on the operation of computers and all software packages used. I prepared "layman" training manuals for all software packages used by the department.

August 1994 - December 1998 - United States Navy. I held various positions while serving the military. Administrative Assistant to the Microcomputer Information Center; member of the Administration Department; Administration Assistant to the Command Training Officer, Command Watchbill Coordinator and Special Projects Officer.

Computer, Software, Equipment

I currently have a Gateway computer in my home office. My computer is loaded with Windows 98 and Microsoft Office Professional and various other sotware programs. I also have internet access, a color printer, modem, and fax capabilities.

Beth O'Connor

Phone: (919) 848-5955
Fax: (919) 845-0713