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Father's Day Specials from 1-800-PartyShop

Father's Day Gift Box
315037 - $13.50
Father's Day Gift Box will be available to
ship on 5-31-99
Start Dad off right with breakfast in bed, served on this
bold animal print design. We've packaged everything but the food.
He'll receive one 10'' Plate, one Napkin, one 9 oz. Cup
and one set of Black Cutlery, along with three balloons
in leopard, zebra and tiger prints.
Present him with this foil crown to make him feel a little special.
The rest of the day is to relax, have fun with the kids and to let
his inner child out we all know is in there.
There's fun for the whole family with 2 glitter Yo-yo's,
2 Plastic Foam WWII Gliders,
2 Pull Back Race Cars and 2 Animal Paddleball Games.

Dad's Breakfast in Bed Set
Just want to serve Dad breakfast in bed?
Order him this wild Animal Prints design.
Includes 1 Themed Banquet Plate
1 Themed Luncheon Napkin
1 Themed 9 oz. Cup
1 set of Black Cutlery
3 11'' latex balloons in Animal Print designs.
301265 $2.70

Golfing Gift Bag
315038 - $29.50
The perfect gift of fun and practical jokes for the next big golf game.
Comes with 3 Goofy Golf Balls which roll crooked when putted.
One Perfect Gift for an Old Golfer that contain two brand new golf balls.
The Big Shot Golfer is a 9'' oversized wooden tee.
One Exploding Golf Ball that explodes into a cloud of smoke upon impact.
All comes with its very own Golf Gift Bag with tissue paper.

Golf, The Perfect Game
101104 - Was $34.00 - Sale Price $23.99
Experience the pro golf life right in your living room. But, beware.
Just when you think your game is on an upswing, some unexpected
turn of events on or off the course may bring your pro career down.
Specially designed putting cup included.
You supply a putter and a real golf ball.
1 to 6 players. 10 years and up.

We've got a great party for those golfing Dads!
Celebrate Dad's day with this golfing Theme Party in a Box™
Comes with everything you need for a great time.
Available in party for 8 or 16.
Fore! Theme Party for 8 308104 $29.95
Fore! Theme Party for 16 300104 $54.00

Greatest Sports Rocks and Jams

18 great "kick off" party hits such as Get Ready For This,
Whoomp! There It Is, and The Power.

2 set CD 751003 - $24.99
2 set Cassette 752003 - $16.99


Dad works hard and needs something to relieve all that stress.
Let him twist and turn all his tension away.
Great for Dad's desk.
Silver 105180 - $30.00
Red 107180 - $10.00
Black 106180 - $10.00

I'm The Boss Hat
103180 - $8.25
Well, why not at least let Dad think so for the day!
Colors vary.